External Hard Drive beeping/not detected

Hello, I have a problem with my external hdd Seagate 1TB (USB 3.0) that whenever I plug it in this pc, it just beeps and blinking at the same time. It just happened recently and I have no clue why.

I tried doing these things..

1. Tried it on other pc/laptop (works!).
2. Tried plugging in other USB devices (such as pen/thumb drives, mobile phone cables, etc - works!).
3. Tried to connect/plug it on different USB ports (nope)
4. Tried checking the BIOS (It's enabled!).
5. Tried reinstalling the drivers several times (didn't work).
6. Tried to reboot the PC, but it doesn't work too.
7. Checked the device manager if there are yellow pings or whatsoever (none)
8. Checked the disk management of Windows (no drive detected).

Sometimes the PC can detect it by loosing the plugged cable, but then it will just beep after several secs/mins (random) or when I tried to put a file in it and then it will just eject itself then comes back again.

Note: I also tried the laptop's internal hard drive by using an USB-to-SATA connector and same problem for the external hard drive, but whenever I use a thumb drive it will be detected instantly.

I'm using a Win 7 64-bit and an ECS G41T-M7 (V1.0) motherboard.

Thanks! I hope you can help me.
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    The problem is now fixed!
    The cause of these problems including the random freeze of the computer that I'm getting recently is because of the faulty PSU.
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