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hi just thinking about upgrading my old mans PC for him, at the moment he's running on a pentium G2130 3.4ghz, 8 gb ram and using on board graphics. The only thing is he's started moaning about the video play been a bit jerky and also video capture isnt the best, either. So im looking for something more for video purposes than games, oh yeh and he decided when i did the build for him he wanted it in a very low profile case, so theres another thing that makes things more tricky for me. The power supply i used isnt the best either but its been no trouble so far.

the graphics card i've been thinking about getting at the moment is the low profile 6670

any ideas??
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  1. found the same one new 7750 on pc world outlet its only £53 but its a ddr3 not a ddr5, will this make much difference??
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    yes, gddr5 is faster up to 50% in gaming, i think the 6670 gddr5 is faster compared to the 7750 gddr3
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