external hard drive showing up as local disk

Hi! I couldn't find a solution in past threads so please,help...
I have Verbatim usb 2.0 1,5Tb externalhard drive that I use for backup... One day, my computer said that there is a problem with it and do i want windows to fix it and i said "yes"... after that, it's shown as a local disk on my computer and when I try to access it, it says that it needs to be formatted... I've tried chdsk from cmd but it says: An error occured while reading the file allocation table <FAT1>, and the same for <FAT2> and that there are no readable file allocation tables <FAT>
I've also checked in control panel, and the drive is shown and says it's working properly...
under properties it says that it was installed 2011 so maybe I should uninstall it and then plug it in again?
please help... there are about 700Gb data on it and approx. half of them are family pictures and videos...
thank you for your time everyone!
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  1. Can you try it in another PC or USB Port?
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