Planning on buying a new gaming mouse and keyboard any suggestions?

I am planning on buying a new gaming mouse and keyboard.
I am fussy when it comes to how my setup looks, my colour scheme is red, white and black.
I would really like to be able to have a red mouse and keyboard.
Was planning on getting the cyborg mmo mouse in red but dont k ow if its any good.
Then was going to get the mad catz strike 7 with it but costs to much.

Dont really want to spend more than £100 on each. So my budget is £200.
Would prefer them to be red but back lite is fine
Any suggestions would be great
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  1. Check this page and choose your mouse. All options are in RED:

    Check this page and choose your keyboard. All options are in Cherry MX Red so enjoy. Choose mechanical keyboard for good experience.
  2. Any luck dear
  3. what are you on about?
  4. Xephash said:
    what are you on about?

    Sorry, that was for other person who has put in effort and build a guide on buying keyboard and mouse. Have you finalized these items?
  5. Dear Xephash,

    Pl share your selected items pl.
  6. Razer naga molten edition I think it's called... it's orangish red.. has a cool volcanic lighting effect on the mouse...little over 100 usd.
  7. Good choice. Dashing looks with 17 Fully-programmable MMO-optimized buttons.

    Good luck
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