can't access ext vista hdd with new windows8 laptop (cck)

old vista laptop wont turn on. bought new windows8 laptop and pulled and connected old int vista hdd to new win8 laptop with usb connector kit. old int (now ext) hdd shows up under MyComputer and shows folders. I can get to the USERS folder, but then it denies and says not auth and need permission. I have tried to grant permission, but it starts and fails with an error "..numeric.." and locks up the old int/now ext hdd. need a product key and would like to gain access to some of the files. help! thank you.
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  1. This is the problem: windows 8 or 8.1 only work at modern PCs and also you computer/laptop is not powerful enough to handle windows 8. so, buy a new laptop with windows 8! it will be awesome
  2. Sorry, but I need to clarify.
    1). Old vista laptop won't work
    2). I did buy a new windows 8 laptop (very nice Lenovo).
    3). Pulled old vista internal hdd out
    4). Connected old vista hdd as an external hdd with USB kit.
    5). Ext vista hdd shows up, but can not access.
    Permissions were reset but keeps erroring and locking up the ext hdd and then won't show up under This PC.
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