can i5 2400k bottlenecks the r9 290? please help me

hello im trying to play bf3 with the i5 2400 and the r9 290 and when i turn on the saax4 my game just slows down i dunno why but the ram is 8 gb 1600mhz . please i need help!
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  1. BF4 does take advantage of HT IIRC...but SAA (SSAA) can be a grueling setting and usually kills frames (i.e., Metro Last Light). Personally, I wouldnt bother with the setting...and would not attribute the performance hit to your CPU being a bottleneck. The 2400K is a great chip.
  2. but the r9 290 is a powerful card why is this problem then?
  3. i mean i can get to 90 fps on ultra without the anti aliasting. when i make it x4 the fps drops to 30 or a bit less please what can be the problem. i mean i have enough ram and the psu is 1000watts so please any help?
  4. Its not your CPU...SSAA is (IMO) a terrible setting with very little return on that performance hit. Use normal AA and its fine...not a judgement on your hardware, just a grueling setting.

    Example: I go from 90FPS+ on Very High Metro LL without SSAA (GTX SC 780 SLI)...turning it on takes me to 40s. NO VISUAL IMPACT I can appreciate.
  5. but bf3 uses msaa not ssaa
  6. Do you mean the 2400 or 2500k? There is no 2400k
  7. RobCrezz said:
    Do you mean the 2400 or 2500k? There is no 2400k

    i ment the 2400
  8. omegadavid said:
    RobCrezz said:
    Do you mean the 2400 or 2500k? There is no 2400k

    i ment the 2400

    btw, depending on what mobo you have, you can clock the 2400 400mhz higher, if you need the extra performance.
  9. guys he saying why when hes using msaa the fps is going to 30fps or low hes my friend and when he had gtx 680 with 4xmsaa was performing much better the fps was around 45-55 fps could it be the i5 2400 the cuz ?? mainboard is asus p67 pro and 8gb ram 1600mhz or maybe latest amd drivers 14.11 with mantle. and some weird thing too is when he change settings from amd panel its slows too his card is beast why when hes only changing supersampling instead or multisampling and texture quality to high quality in fifa 14 too il lags its like its not capable the card theres something going on uz like i said gtx 680 with 4xmsaa in bf3 was performing beter where it should not
  10. any answer pls?
  11. My HD7950 can get ~60fps on BF4 ultra with x4 msaa, it might dip under but I overclocked my i5 and now it stays around 60.

    for what you're wanting to do, you might need to get a 2500k/3570k and overclock it, or just not use MSAA, I didn't notice a huge difference without it to be honest.

    also, the 14.11 driver and mantle wouldn't even let me play the game, look up on battlelog how many people are/were crashing with it...go back to 13.12 I believe, the last official stable AMD driver
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