New apartment, having trouble with network.

I just moved into a terrace apartment (bottom level of a split level home) and share internet with the apartment above me. We have Verizon Fios and the wireless router/modem resides in the upper apartment. My connection and speed is terrible down here. I was wondering what options were available to me. I have researched repeaters and bridges but those do not seem to be the answer as they will be receiving the same signal my PC does. I have coax and phone plugs near my PC (is a second Verizon box possible?), if that helps, I am becoming desperate. Thanks in advance for any help and let me know if I left out any information anyone might need.
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    The best solution would be to physically run a cable from the upper apartment to yours, or use power line extenders.
  2. Can you ran an ethernet from the above apartment to your apartment?

    if so, you can try getting your own router (does not have to be a verizon router and I recomend against getting a verizon) and connecting it to the main router. I do this in my home and there is a guide wirtten here detailing how to do such a thing.

    The second router (your router) will act as a slave router. You will want to disable DHCP and set the routers DNS to the main router's IP. This will effectivly extend the first routers coverage into your own apartment and allow you to have your own router. You can also enable your own wireless with its own name and password assigned to you. This way any desktop can plug in directly and your laptops and phones can conenct to your router wirelessly.

    I will double check my settings when I get home to make sure I detailed this properly. I do this same thing in my house with a router on the main floor and a router in our basement acting as a slave router.

    Your second option is something you already know about, wireless boosters or repeaters. These will work too but the advantage is less compared to having your own router in your apartment. If you can get the wireless repeater mounted near the cielcing it might work better than what you currently have. They also tend to have much better signal receptance than a phone or a laptop so it might work better than you think.
  3. If their is also coax in near the router upstairs you can also try a device called MoCA. I would still try the powerline networks first. If the apartments are actually on separate power meters though it may not work
  4. I love the idea of two routers (master/slave) but my access to th master router may be limited so I will have to look into that. As for powerline networks, both apartments are on the same power meter but possibly on different breaker, does this make a difference? I.e. Do both outlets have to be on the same breaker or just the same meter?
  5. Best on the same breaker but it works on the same meter. It may in some cases even cross the meters.
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