i3 550 to i7 870

So i've seen this second hand i7 870 for 80€ , around 105$ , and wondering if it is worth buying at this time of the year? My i3 is bottlenecking the hell of out of games, and it takes ages in render.

These are the full specs of my PC:

Gigabyte HD 7770 1GB GDDR5
i3 550 3.20 @ dual core
Motherboard LGA 1156 MSI 2A9C
PSU Tacens Radis VI 550W

Also, would i need to change my PSU ?
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    You'll see a large improvement, if you're not looking to upgrade anything else then this will be an excellent choice.
  2. Yeah, 80€ is all the money i have at the moment ahaha, there will be no problem with the PSU?
  3. AFAIK they don't make 1156 stuff anymore. so I wouldn't wait.
    New Egg is down to zero.
  4. Yeah, millwright, they don't make 1156 for a long time now , unfortunely X) So a good choice it is! Thanks :D
  5. Only a graphics card upgrade would need a power supply wattage update.
    Although I don't recognize the power supply, and that could be bad in the long run.
  6. That's what i need to know, thanks for your replys!
  7. For 100$ I'd say its worth it, quad core will be much better in newer games.
  8. keep saving...
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