32 bit motherboard and 64 bit cpu?

I was reading yesterday that the motherboard I bought for a core 2 duo is 32 bit but the core 2 duo is 64 bit...I am confused. Sorry, I am new to the computer building world. Will this combo work?
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  1. What is the MB you bought ?
  2. I bought it off of ebay for a cheap build I can practice overclocking on. It's INTEL DG965RY.
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    The CPU determines if you are 64-bit. All the motherboard has to do is support the CPU. Here's a list of cpus supported on that board.
  4. well that sucks. I have the core 2 duo E7500...Doesn't say it's supported.
  5. It stops at E6xxx because they were 65 nanometre tech,
    and the E7XXX series were 40 nm tech. It is risky using the 7500,
    two things are likely. The cpu will run but at its lowest power saving multiplier, or it will mess up the bios on the board. Can you find anyone to swap cpu with? Or you could buy a e6600 for about £10.
  6. I do have an old pentium 4 but it also looks like that isn't even supported...ugh. It's the Pentium 4 2.40 ghz/512/533.
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