how to activate windows 8 without installing previous version.

Here is my situation:

I have a PC which originally came with Windows 7. When Windows 8 came out, I used the Windows 8 Upgrade tool to purchase a Windows 8 Upgrade that I used to upgrade my PC from win7 to win8. So far itt was fine.

Then following events happened:
1. My Hard drive crashed
2. I got a new one
3. I installed Win 8 from ISO I had using the key I got in invoice
4. After installing it asked for activation, which failed as I was using upgrade key for clean install.
5. I called Microsoft, they asked me to install window 7 before installing windows 8 upgrade

Now the problem is:
1. I dont have my original Dell CDs, I've lost them
2. I dont have windows 7 key as the sticker has rubber off.

Now, I am looking or a soluion to this. I wonder if i install windows 7 from someone else's CD, will I be able to install windows 8 upgrade.. Or will it require same key of win7 to be installed before installing win8....

Honestly, upgrading shouldnt have been so much of a pain... feeling disappointed from Microsoft. Maybe ppl who are using pirated r better off.

Pl help
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  1. You shouldn't have to have an activated copy of windows 7, I don't believe. Not positive on that point.

    That being said, you apparently installed windows 8 from USB, why can't you do the exact same thing with windows 7?
  2. Thanks for your reply..

    But i cant install windows 7 as i dont have OEM CD (with windows 7) that came with Laptop. and I'am not sure if any other setup will work for the upgrade.
  3. Best answer
    You can download a legal copy of windows seven and put it on a flash drive - you don't have to have the OEM cd.

    Failing that, you can always have the OEM send you a new cd - it'll probably cost you all of $10 for shipping.
  4. I think the upgrade program is just looking for the windows directory
    so just make one.
    md c:\windows
    and run the installer if you have a legal key I would think it should work.
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