Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or ......

Greetings, friends,

Long story short, I put together a custom rig after waiting 2 months for an RMA-ed motherboard.

More often than not, I receive this message:

Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

From what I gather, my SSD (which is my primary) doesn't wake up when I boot the system. In other words, I don't see it in the boot menu (I have 2 other HDD and a burner). My SSD is on the second sata and I already tried swapping it out with a new wire and different sata slot. My specs are below:

I've tried a number of things, but it hasn't helped. I'm open to trying things a second and third time. I noticed my SSD also tends to lock up every now and again, which forces me to do a hard reboot/reset. It sometimes takes about 10-20 resets to get BIOS to see my SSD. Things I've done already is updated the firmware to the SSD and updated my BIOS.

Much thanks.
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    You have some problem in mobo - ssd relation. Try your ssd on another mobo, go to your friend, and if you can try another ssd on your mobo to se what will happen. If ssd is not recognized on yours friend mobo RMA it.
  2. Thank you for your response.

    Unfortunately, I don't have someone I can trouble shoot this with. The motherboard was already RMA-ed, but aside from that, I don't think the chances of me having a second DOA motherboard is likely (it was tested prior to it being sent to me).
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