How Do I Remove Asus GPU Tweak

Like the title says, is there any way to remove it without doing a reinstall of os?
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  1. go to start menu/control panel/ programs and features/ find asus gpu tweak/ double click and uninstall
  2. Hi Asus GPU tweak it is on the ROG boards to uninstall this just go into control panel and its called Asus ROG connect or Asus ROG connect Plus just uninstalling like any other program.

    this software is very good when Over clocking as u can connect to your main machine using a net book/laptop/PC via the asus ROG USB cable.
  3. it was installed on an asus z87-a. I've done the uninstall program thing and it wont uninstall. I've tried to reinstall it and now having problems. Its making my computer take a long time to start up.
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    Hi i would suggest you run ccleaner for registry errors and check that GPU tweak it was removed properly if the boot is still a problem then i would reinstall GPU tweak it and uninstall it again if that fails then i would just install it again and disable it or Hide the notifications.

    hope this helped.
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