An old turnbased game. $10 sent via check if you help me remember the name

I just remember that you would move around on an open map. then you would engage in combat and that battle always took place on top of an open book. I remember you had to combine monsters to make more advanced ones or something like that. I remember the vampires during the day were just coffins that could take piles of damage and then at night they were vampires. The battle was always turn based on and open book. I just wanted to add that is was turn based. The creatures were not moving. The levels were all on a map. You would have a certain amount of troops to work with. Its so frustrating not remember the game. Ill will literally send a $10 check if anyone knows this game
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  1. Disciples maybe?
  2. Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.

    It's an SNES/PSone game.

    Also one of my favorites:
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