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I was wondering if there is any hardware which will allow users of multiple computers (each with their own monitors) to optionally share/throw contents of their local screen to a 'networked' (or some other way connected) 'master' screen (be it KVM connected, networked, or a dedicated PC).

Thinking some form of KWM switch set up might do it, but not entirely sure on the config, and ideally would rather it be easily controllable to 'throw' to the master screen from the local computers (running Win 7 and Win 8).

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    If you think of it the other way around, TeamViewer can do this easily.

    1 master PC, multiple clients. through the network.
    Each client PC is seen in its own window on the main.
  2. Hey

    Thanks for the reply...

    So we have TV running on all machines

    And to get a client machine up on the master, we use the master PC to TViewer into the appropriate client machine.

    I can see how this'd work, but my only concern would be speed - i.e. to have to take control of the master PC, login to TViewer and wait for it to connect it. Would much rather a solution where we can flick a switch on our client PCs and it instantly display up on the display monitor.

  3. You could have them always connected. Each client window on the master just minimized until you need it.
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Thinking about it, I don't think teamviewer will work, as I want this to work without needing to control / access the master computer.

    With this plan, you would need to control the master computer to maximise the window you need.

    I want to control sharing my screen to master from the client computer(s).

  5. I see what you're saying, but my question would be....who gets control of what is shown on the main screen and why?

    If I'm looking at the main screen, and Client A throws something interesting up there....
    And then Client C throws something else there...

    "Hey..wait! I was looking at that !"

    More requirements/use cases needed here.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. The situation you suggest will never happen - it's just in a single office where we are showing other people our computers... so the person running client C will know that person running client A is throwing... because they'll be looking... either way, there is no 'who gets control and why' needed here.
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