Triple Monitor Setup: MSI GTX760x2 SLI at 4800x900 Gaming Solutions

Just got a pretty healthy tax refund. I've been groveling over triple setups and I would like to get into it. I currently have a GTX760 2GB GPU. I know that I need 4GB for a 5760x1080 display, but can 2GB handle 4800x900? I would be purchasing another GTX760 to accommodate this.

In my opinion, 900p with 2x AA looks great on my 23" IPS 1080p monitor, so that's a non-issue. Basically, is 2GB sufficient for a triple 1600x900 setup? What can I expect for FPS in games such as BF4, DayZ, Skyrim, etc?
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    Well at 4800x900 your pushing 4320000 pixels which is over double 1080p's 2073600 pixels.

    Short answer: Most games yes if you keep AA down you will have no issues in the more demanding games.

    Even at 5760x1080 almost every game is fine with 2GB its just that little group of games that will fall on its face once it fills 2.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer, I appreciate it!
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