Upgrading GPU and PSU in my PC.

Welcome tom's hardwares! Namely I already ordered new GTX570 (msi gtx570 twin frozr iii for 133$) and I surely need new PSU my old one is crap. I know that this GPU need 38A on 12v rail so I was looking for some PSU and found this, will it be good one with my PC?
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 945 [95W] (non OC and most probably i wont overclock it)
2x HDD + DVD
4GB Ram
and forthcoming GTX570.
So this is PSU i found it's an Antec VP-PC 500W.
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  1. The minimum system power requirement for a GTX 570 is 550 watts. You are slightly below that. If the power supply you mentioned comes in a 600 watt version, I would get that.
  2. As far I know wattage isn't everything. Take a look at my PC specs I have no hungry power chipset in it. Guy in store told me I don't need exact 550W for power it, even good 450W would be enough with my PC, but I took 500W to have some free "power". This PSU have combined 45A it should be enough. We can simply calculate it. My CPU takes 95W under full load (like furmark or smth like that, im not gonna use it) and even if i'll use 100% of it it goona look like 95W + 219W (full load, gaming takes significatly less) it give 314W usage so theres free 94W for other periperial.
  3. That PSU has 408W/12V = 34amps combined on the +12 volts. It is on the low end but probably will run the card! It is not as simple as adding the amps together since 45A x 12V = 540watts!
  4. 34amps might be a bit not enough, didnt calculated this in this way, how about this one?
    Corsair VS 550W
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    It will!
  6. Okay then I'm gonna buy VS550 it only 5$ more expensive than this Antec. Okay that's going for me! Thanks for your help.
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