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I have dell studio 1558 laptop, and i get an error message. Six beeps after five beeps. I know six beeps, is video card or chip failure. And five beeps is real time clock failure. But I think it could be LCD cable. Last time i was checked LCD cable. My laptop was starting normally again. But now i have it again same error message. I thinking it could be a problem LCD cable. I have to replaced. But I still do not know exactly, what is the problem. I thinking guys that you could help me.
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    If there is no screen connected to a computer, it will still boot up, no problem.
    Computers usually don't care if you can see what they're doing or not.

    If the bios is yelling at you, then it is a hardware error.
  2. First i checked bios diagnostics, and it founds a problem. It was showing that, LCD graphic cable faild. After i reseted LCD cable on my laptop it starts normally again. But now, i have same problem, an error message. Six beeps and five beeps i thinking that i need to replaced LCD cable?
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