Can my motherboard support 12GB memory?

I've got 6 memory slots in 3 channels. They are all the same type/speed, although Kingston makes 2 of them, and 4 of them are Elpida. They are all 2GB though. So in two of the channels, I have the 4 Elpida sticks, and in the other channel, I have the 2 Kingston sticks. For some reason, Speccy still shows that I only have 5 slots being used, for a total of 10GB, rather than 12gb. Before purchasing the 6th 2gb stick recently, I thought I had correctly checked my motherboard information to make sure it would support bumping up from 10gb from 12gb. Am I missing something, or have I done something wrong? Please see these images for my motherboard and memory info:
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  1. Yes.
  2. For what it's worth, I did check msconfig -> Boot -> Advanced Settings, and Maximum Memory box was not ticked.
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    Sounds like one of the sticks may not be fully seated or may be a dud, try removing each one and check to see what it reads with that one out, till you find the one that isn't showing up, then try it in another slot, if it still doesn't show, then prob a dead stick, if it does show then try a different stick in the slot the dud had been in, if that still doesn't show then might be a bad or overly tight slot that needs a little more pressure to lock it in
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