SSD boot and RAID 0 storage

SSD boot and RAID 0 mirror using two conventional SATA drives is possible as described elsewhere on this forum. The solutions seem to refer to software defined RAID (AHCI ?). Is this type of setup possible with a hardware RAID controller?

Neither Dell or HP will touch anything like this as a build option.
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  1. Most motherboards support this without any extra hardware required. Also RAID 0 isn't a mirror, its striping. If you want to mirror the data you need RAID 1
  2. Thanks for the correction on RAID mirror as RAID 1. I've used the Intel solution built onto the motherboard. That worked well but as the single boot drive. From other posts I get the way to do this is to install the OS without the RAID in place. Next set up the RAID array and specify the boot to be from the single disc (SSD or other).

    The question is would an add on RAID controller allow this boot order with the array as a secondary drive? This may come to the same thing assuming the RAID controller built onto the motherboard (CPU chipset?) is also a hardware based solution.
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    I believe the easiest way to do it is to install OS on the ssd. Then when the system boots go into disk management and set up the raid with the two other hard drives. Im not sure if this is what you said in your post, but if so, yes. The ssd will automatically be set as the boot drive since the hard drives don't have any OS
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