What is your favorite game(s) of any genre?

I'm trying to find the best games on PC so that i could play them, I want to separate the dirt from the gold and see the games that people consider the best so that I can play them, so what is your favorite game of any genre? Why? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Action games are my favorite if it has a good storyline and good gameplay its a solid game to me like mass effect 2 probably one of my favorite games of all time the half life series the assassin creed series and a nice free to play game called war thunder on steam is a must play really good fun check it out!
  2. I agree on mass effect and HL.
    My personal all time favorite game is Borderlands 1 (have beaten it well over 100 times).
    The reason being I enjoy a game (in this case FPS) where you can level up, become more powerful, and find better equipment. HL, ASC, and ME all have that same mechanics as well as farcry 3 to some extent.

    Another close second is Starcraft 2. Great storylines as well as tons of replay value in multiplayer + the arcade fun.
  3. I used to love Minecraft. It got me into gaming a few years ago. I started Half-Life 2 but never finished it. From what I've played, it seems pretty good. I like Battlefield (series), Call of Duty (series), and Assassin's Creed (series). Bioshock Infinite was great, too.
  4. DayZ, Arma 3 with BF4 coming in third place (minus the issues that are still beating around).

    DayZ is just a ball to play with friends. I couldn't care less about having the best gear, I'm in it for the player interactions. Why, just today I challenged a random stranger to a fist fight. He played around before committing and got the first swing in. Knocked me out right quick. I woke up and he knocked me out again. Then he took my shirt, flashlight and battery (we were both new spawns) and took off. I woke up again, chased him down into a house and got knocked out again. Not to be discouraged, I woke up yet again and searched the village. He had taken off up the road, as I found out shortly thereafter. I caught up to him, and my buddy just happen to show up from the other direction. We beat him to a pulp, then I took my shirt back to tear into rags to bandage my cuts from fighting him. Then he got up again before my buddy could take his pants, so we found him again on the beach. Beat him down again and took his pants. Then a zombie chased us, and he happened to wake up as it was running by, thus grabbing the zombie's aggro and it killed him. That'll learn him to take my shirt!

    Arma 3 just has so many mods like King of the Hill and Altis Life that are extremely fun. And it's great how detailed it is in regards to real life war-fighting.

    BF4 is, well, BF4. I love the games minus the bugs/hit issues/etc.
  5. Favorite 1st Person Action Shooter :: Crysis
    Favorite 1st Person RPG Shooter :: Fallout 3
    Favorite 1st Person Fantasy RPG :: Morrowind
    Favorite 3rd Person RPG Shooter :: Mass Effect 2 and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
    Favorite 3rd Person Fantasy RPG :: Dragon Age: Origins
    Favorite Space Combat Simulator :: Star Wars: Tie Fighter
    Favorite Strategy Game :: Civilization IV
    Favorite Space Strategy Game :: Galactic Civilization II
    Favorite MMO:: Star Trek Online (Uhh.... it's the only one I have ever played so I guess it wins by default. Started playing about 11 days ago)

    Most Anticipated Games To Be Released::
    Fallout 4 (1st Person RPG Shooter)
    Star Citizen (Space Combat Simulator)
  6. The original version of Civilization. Then again, I'm getting fairly old.
  7. 1. Half-Life 2
    2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    3. BioShock Infinite
    4. Team Fortress 2
    5. Mass Effect 2
    6. Portal 2
    7. Half-Life
    8. BioShock
    9. Portal
    10. Batman: Arkham City
  8. Half Life series
    Assassins Creed series
    Thief series

    I mention Thief because Thief 4 should release this month.
  9. Thanks guys for all the replies, I have played some if not most of the games you guys liked, so keep commenting I'm interested in hearing about what games people play in the pc community.
  10. One of the tricky things about a list like this is do we count the game quality against today's standards, or do we consider your favorite games of their time.

    If I were to play a game today in my list of games, it would be:
    Dragon Age Origins

    Now there were games that I liked more than those 2 when they were released, but I would not play them today, after playing with today's technology.
  11. Best answer
    Euro Truck Simulator 2, Dota 2, DayZ, Minecraft, Skyrim.
  12. XCOM: UFO Defense (the original)
    Master of Orion 2
    Game Dev Tycoon
    Sim Tower
    Sim City 3000
    Dead Space 3
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms X (roman numeral ten)
    Everquest (I compare all games to my experience of the first week of playing this game, they never live up to it)
  13. Best story- Mafia II. ! Osm game!
    I also like far cry 3, arkham city, black ops 1 and 2 and many more!
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