Corrupt laptop drive due to heat?

I turned on my laptop (HP G62) and left it while it was booting up, I come back and it's extremely hot to the touch and is a blank black screen. I quickly shut it off and turned it on again and I got a HP SMART error reading.Immediately knowing it was the HDD(WD Scorpio blue 500gb) I tried to boot into windows but it goes into Chkdsk every time and won't continue to boot. I hooked it up to a usb to sata adapter on my computer and it recognizes the drive and I can see all my files but I can't access them but I can copy/paste them but they are at a super slow transfer rate like 7bytes/second. I've tried Recuva but it says it can't recognize the file system. Also it's giving a rhythmic clicking sound like the head got stuck in some pattern. I even looked and the circuit board on the hard drive and it looked like a lot of the gold parts darkened like they were burnt as I compared it to another WD laptop drive which worked.I also ran disk doctor and it said corrupt Ntfs boot sector is corrupt or something. Should I try to fix it myself or should I take it to a professional or is it corrupted too much.

Thanks in advance.
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    you likely fried part of the drive. take it to a professional just to extract all the data to a new drive, and then take a can of compressed air to your laptop...hard drives should not be the point of overheat failure, so you may want to look into a new laptop as well as this can only go poorly for future use of that specific laptop
  2. Would be the first time I had seen head kill a notebook drive. Vibration and sudden moves can do it.

    Hard drive do fail however. I would see if a desktop pc can see the drive and copy files.

    Also use something like CrystalDiskInfo to see what smart attribute has tripped. My guess would be bad sectors(that would cause a system to have trouble reading data and even lock up). You may see a G-sense rate that looks very high, but these drives seem to log every little bump and vibration(I am at over 300 in a desktop that NEVER moves.).
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