Will This Card Newer Work in My Older Build?

I was eying this cheap card for my low end PC that I use for random low end gaming and other things, and my old radeon hd 6770 1gb gddr5 just ain't cutting it anymore. I just need a nice low end card that's a little better than the one I have and this card fit the picture perfectly. I'm not asking for card selection advice, but just simple questions. Since this card is advertised as a PCIe 3.0 card will it be compatible and work just as well in my sand bridge mo-bo's PCIe 2.0 slot? Also theres no power rating or recommenced PSU, If I remember correctly my PSU is 450w and my 6770 never had any power related issues, and uses a 6-pin connector just like this card. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. The R7 260x is a rebadged and up-clocked copy of the HD 7790. It's substantially faster than the 6770, and since it's built on a 28 nm fab instead of 40 nm it pulls only marginally more power (115 watts max instead of 108)

    PCI express 3.0 is fully backwards compatible with all previous versions. It will work just as well or better than the 6770.
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