Best cheap case and gaming gear?

Hello all. I'm looking for the best possible case, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. For a case I need something that supports mATX motherboards and has a side window for under $50 (I was looking at NZXT Source 210). For all these components I would love for each to be like $50 or less. For a mouse it doesn't need to be a special gaming mouse, I just want quick reaction time and wireless. Keyboard should be mechanical and backlit, though I don't know about all those switches. I just want it to type smoothly. As for speakers, I would prefer ones on the smaller size, they don't need incredible bass or anything, just enough to play music loudly through a small room and good enough quality to last a couple years. I understand that some of this stuff is only gonna happen on big sales, but I don't need it right away so anything relatively cheap is great. Thanks again for any and all answers :)
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  2. For the case, either the NZXT Source 210 or Corsair Carbide series 200R are two cases that are cheap and I have personal experience with. The Corsair 200R is actually what I am currently using in my main rig and it works great. The Source 210 I used in a very very budget build for a nonprofit organization that needed a PC for cheap, and works fine there. However, my friend also attempted to use the case in his build with an Asus M5A97 R2.0 motherboard and the Source 210 caused a shorting issue that wouldn't let him power up properly. So my recommendation is the 200R because it is great from personal experience, and you can find it between $45-$60 depending where you look, and it is for sure worth $60 as well.

    For the mouse, if you want wireless for under $50, I currently use a Logitech MX Performance mouse, and it costs between $45 and $75. It's a solid good performance mouse that has a pretty nice software suite to go along with it, plus it is rechargeable. It also has Logitech unifying receiver tech, which means with a single USB connector you can pair a bunch of stuff that uses the Logitech unifying tech on a single tiny USB receiver. Pretty cool, though my mouse is the only thing with it in my house, so I can't use it. It's very ergonomic to hold, but not a "gaming mouse" per se, this one is crazy cheap and has good reviews:

    Alas, I can't personally recommend a keyboard, the one I am using is actually wireless but from around 2005 and I doubt it is even around to buy anymore nor would you want to pick up tech that old! It does still work great though, Dell was pretty good back then.
  3. The keyboard and mouse look great, but I actually had those speakers before and they died out on me, sound got all choppy and would just screech when I used the little wheel thing lol
    Everything else looks great though.
  4. Hmm I have the cheaper model of them:

    They work VERY well and have given me no trouble whatsoever, have had for over a year
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