My laptop beeps at the start during the loading of windows but works fine after that

It's very sad to talk about a machine which is only used for 5 times or at the most 50 hours because it is a brand new Lenovo i5 64 bit 2.5 GHz 4 GB of Ram and a hard drive of 350 GB. This machine is loaded with operating system of windows 7ultimate. I use this machine only for heavy work especially when I travel out of country but mostly I use my little one "Toshiba 10" because it is very light and handy to move around and it is working extraordinary. Currently, I'm in Thailand and reporting the problem from here. One day I worked on an excel worksheet on my machine and after finishing my project, the computer was packed in the bag as usual. Next time when I opened my machine for work, it started acting on me very weird. The nightmare began when it started beeping continuously and bombarded with round bullets in my windows password box along with + symbols in search boxes all over the machine. Since there is no help available (because nobody communicates in English and a big span of lack of technical knowhow), I tried to something on my own because I have to stay here for long time. In efforts to fix it, I screwed up the machine more that exacerbated the situation and forced me reinstall the windows from scratch. I though it may help me because a fresh copy of operating system is installed on machine and new setting will take place but sorry to say that the results were very disappointing and discouraging. I'm at the same point where I started; therefore I tried to get help from this forum. I vaguely remember that the machine did not beep twice at all. Any help from fellow Americans will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  1. Hmmm, the beep sounds like a BIOS beep, many beeps is never any good. (For some reason this just made me think of Spaceballs...) Anyway...

    Post your model #, OS info, etc.

    You say Windows OS works fine which leads me to believe the beeps are a healthy BIOS boot and as for the password being filled with characters, you may want to check that none of your key are stuck or somehow mashed into the type position.

    But again, post some more specs and I'll and I'm sure others will mull it over and try to help you AMAP.

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