can a flash drive be damaged in airport scanner?

I have a Transcend flash drive which was working perfectly OK with my laptop. During a recent air travel I was subjected to complete scanning of luggage. After arriving home, I found my flash drive no more working with my laptop. Can anybody tell the possible reason? can a flash drive be damaged in airport scanner?
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  1. I've put portable and internal hard drives and USB drives through airport security and it's always come out fine. You've probably just got a broken drive.
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    It's unlikely it was caused by the airport scan...(there some level of radiation but i don't think it can broke the drive)

    if u ask what can be cause... the one i can think of that cause flash disk to broke...
    - Low quality parts or manufacturing defect (i will break sooner)
    - Electrical short..
    - Rough treatment (physical damage)
    - high temp (this not noticeable, it reduce the reliability over time)
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