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i have overclocked the Q9300 to 3.0 ghz (400mhzx7.5).. when at stock clocks i conducted a sensor test from real temp. and at maximum load the temperature was 65 degrees max on core 1 and the other cores had less temps. well now that i have overclocked and conducted the test again it's showin a maximum temp of 75 degrees on core 1 and other cores also had 70+ temps. Are these temperatures high?? and i am using freezer pro 7 (not the revised version). Are these temps really high for a q9300.
PS, the movement shown in the sensor test window of real temp is (5,6,7,6) what does it mean? and what should i set the TJ max to in Real temp? for q9300
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    Your temps are fine. Try to stay below 80C for CPU longevity. if you do not care how it lasts no more that 90C.
  2. and using prime 95 how should i test it's stability?
  3. You can run Prime 95 to check for stability some people run it for 24Hrs. I do not believe that running it that long necessary. I run it for about 6Hrs and run Real temp at the same time to monitor core temps. I have done 24hr runs in the past and had systems pass with no issues only to have stability problems two days later. My current OC has been stable and I only tested it for 3Hrs.
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