connected my pc via lan cable how can i get the wifi password

i am working in an office where my pc is connected via lan. i am getting wifi signal also of the network.but i dont know password,is their any way to get wifi password.
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  1. depending what router you have you can log into the router

    To do this

    First take a look at the Router and see if it hase this functionality and instuctions on how to log in should be printed on the router with an ip address which you type into your web browser, usually

    Then plug yourr pc directly into your router and type in the ip

    once you have entered the login details, you should be able to find the option to change the password (or google the make of your router and look up some youtube videos)

    If you have nay issues give me a shout
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    Ask the IT Guy. No other way
  3. Let me expand on Henryutt's answer. If you are using an office network, it is owned and controlled by the company whose office it is. So, if you are an employee and a legitimate user, ask for the appropriate password.
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