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Electronics on international flight.

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February 11, 2014 1:26:00 AM

Hey guyz, so i dunno if this is the right forum to ask such question... however i will try, any opinion shall be greatly appreciated....

so my question is...

1. i am planning to bring my desktop in the philippines.... i plan to disassemble it and i am planning to put the case on the box and plan to check it in.... while i bring the cpu, gpu, ssd, hd, and mobo with me.. i don't have the box packages of the said items except for the mobo only...
so will any of the components get damage by the x-ray scanner on airports? or has anyone here have any experience of being detain for bringing such materials...

2. [dumb question] my desktop's psu is evga 500b 500watts, will i be able to use it in phil that uses a 220v? i mean i think the total power being used in my gaming desktop is around 460+ so if i bring it to the phil. does that mean i have to upgrade it to around 650? since u.s uses 110v so 110v + 100v = 220v? the additional 100v should be added along with the total psu?

3. will a 220v power increases the chance of the components being fried?

4. if i disassemble my desktop, do i just unplug all the components directly? like.. for example, on usb.. you need to click 'safely remove' it before completely removing it.... so do i need do some kind of the same stuff before removing the components? or do i need to back it up or whatever? and if i plug-in back the ssd and hd incorrectly? will it corrupt my system? like if my ssd during installment was plug into cable 1 and the hd was in 2 and i re-installed it vice versa, will there be any corrupt files or etc.?

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February 11, 2014 1:28:07 AM

I use 220V all the time. Its no problem. I have exported PC parts, but only to europe so i dont know how it will be like in the phillipines.

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February 11, 2014 1:44:41 AM

2.. your PSU evgra has input range 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz (Active PFC) ... so no problems with 110/220 volt input...

3... nope, in fact the efficiency will up...

4... only remove parts after complete shutdown (not in standby/sleep mode)... remove all power connection/plug, make sure no more electricity.. let the remain power drains out about 5-10min before unplug/disassemble the hardware....

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February 11, 2014 1:48:41 AM

Yeah, the PSU converts the voltage internally.

220V power is fine. Arguably superior for many reasons.

You should be fine going through x-rays, though I'd keep a good backup of any data on the HDD.

Biggest advice is to pack it well because baggage handlers can be rough.
February 11, 2014 9:34:28 PM

Need to add, use the anti static warps.. if u still had the box for each part (they supplied), u can re-use them...

touch the case/PSU case for discharging any static electricity in your body before disassemble.. or using anti static bracelet.. (usually i just touch the case after let the power drain out)..