Arma 2 dayz on intel hd 4000

Before you go 'lol no intel 4000 won't run' Im looking for actual expiriences with it, not some guy with a $2000 gpu saying it won't.
Anyway, I get 25-45fps on bf3 on low 800x600 so on arma 2 dayz on low settings on a resolution higher than 1024x768 will I get above 25 most the time?
Intel core i3 3110m 2.4ghz
Intel hd 4000
4g (getting 8g soon) ram
Laptop btw
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  1. You will be able to run them, but simply due to them not being overly optimized, they will in fact likely not be playable as they are already slightly cpu heavy

    so yea you can run them, but you won't know about the play-ability until you try friend (i suspect roughly the same fps as bf 3 though, so it should be fine at the lowest settings and resolution)
  2. you will be hard pressed to find someone with actual experience with what you are trying to do, but through pure speculation alone, and with what you get in bf3, it should be just fine for the other two (though you may still need to keep resolution at 800x600)
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    Infact, I have a Intel Core I5 3230m with Intel HD 4000. And I must say even for a laptop I can get about 20-50FPS on normal on 1024x768. So for me this is very playable. Also this game isn't even very demanding unlike crysis 3 which is a pain in the butt to get running on my laptop.

    CPU: Intel Core i5 3230m 2.6GHz Turbo-Boost @ 3.2GHz
    GPU: Intel HD 4000(Laptop).
    HDD: 600GB HDD
    RAM: 6GB DDR3


    All regards,
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