100mm closed loop water cooling

I am looking for a closed loop 100mm water cooling solution like the Corsair's "H" series. Does anything like this exists?
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  1. no, corsair makes 120mm cooling loops, 240, and 280
  2. Not just from Corsair. Any company is ok. I just want them to close loop LIKE the Corsair ones.
  3. The smallest All-In-One radiators are 120mm, they go up from there. A smaller one would need to be ridiculously thick in order to perform as well as most air coolers. There are shrouds available to reduce 120mm to 92mm (100mm isn't a standard fan measurement in computers) which could make the use of a 120mm radiator feasible
  4. Can you suggest any?
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    non-serviam said:
    Can you suggest any?

    Something like this (which kind of looks cool IMO) or perhaps something like this (which appears to be a little less intrusive)
    Appearing to be thin plastic, I'm not too sure about either of their abilities to support a radiator and a fan though but I'm thinking the second one would be better. I would suggest looking to set up such a configuration with a 92mm fan blowing into the shroud, the rad and 120mm fan pulling from the shroud - a single fan setup pushing into the shroud will loose too much static pressure to provide adequate airflow through most rads. You could do push/pull with two 120mm fans but I think it would get loud
  6. They simply dont make radiators smaller than 120mm, good luck finding one or get a bigger case
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