what good graphics card can i get on 320 watt power supply

hi everyone i am in bit of a pickle lol i just recently bought a hp compaq 6000 pro micro tower and realised to my stupidity i cant upgrade my psu because it isnt a standard atx and want a half decent graphics card for about 50 to £60

system specs

intel pentium dual core e5800 3.2ghz
4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram

and at the moment i am running a sapphire hd 5450
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  1. The HD 7770 only uses about 80 - 100w and should be able to run fine on your system, depending on what brand your PSU is


    But my recommendation is spending some money on a 430 - 500 w PSU
  2. Your 5450 only uses up to 19W, getting a new card could push beyond your PSU's limit.

    So I say save your money for a whole new system.
  3. 750ti mate, can chuck them in old machine and make it run games better than the new consoles! £100 but you can play Titanfall on high settings. Min psu needed is 300w. You can even use shadowplay (record your gaming)

  4. I have to agree wits MrGeepz there, get the GTX 750Ti the reference board doesn't even have a power connector, but I would say get the ASUS GTX 750 Ti it has a single six pin power connector I think, and the tests over the internet show an increased performance overall, good luck mate.
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