what free game is the most intensive

I just built a new pc and i want to to test just how far I can take it so i was wondering what free pc game has the most intensive requirements
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  1. planetside 2
  2. planetside 2 will stress your processor won't tell you much if you have a 760 or better because you will destroy it at any settings. EDIT: Removed by moderator
  3. I can run ps2 on my old beater sporting a athlon 750k/7790 oc'd at a playable 40-70 fps on ultra only see dips in huge firefights and that's the processor bottlenecking
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    From what limited gaming I do, on the PC I would say it is Mechwarrior Online. Free to Play but pay for extras. Quad-core, 8+ gb RAM, and at least 1+gb Video with it being newer gen cards needed as minimum... It is a hefty requirement. I lagged with 8gb RAM, Quad-core i5-3470 and an AMD Radeon HD 6570 - upgrading the RAM to 12+gb did help as did the i5 mentioned - it was worse on a dual-core Pentium G2010.
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