usb mass storage device in device manager NOT disk management

so i dropped my laptop & it wouldn't work. thought i'd pull the 2.5" ide hard drive out & pick up the usb cable. connected to my desktop....but can seem to get it to work. looked around here & saw some possibilities, but no luck on any so far...
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  1. After being dropped, I'd guess the drive is probably toast.
  2. i see it on the device manager... still toast?... does this need a driver? does the fact that it was my laptops c: drive conflict with desktop c:???? just throwing stuff against the wall at this point...
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    Device manager sees the USB interface. Disk Management does not see it, because the actual drive is toast and cannot be read.

    A driver won't help. And it being the old C drive does not matter.
    Unless there is some absolutely critical data on there that does not exist anywhere else....I'd just write it off as dead.
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