How important is the validated compatible ram on a motherboard?

I'm planning to buy the Asus P8Z77 V-PRO motherboard. While I was looking at the asus website, I found out it has a compatible ram list.

The problem is that I already bought my ram, I'm not too interested in overclocking my ram, but it's not listed on that list.

Should I be worried?

2 ram sticks: KHX1600C10 8GB
Motherboard: P8Z77 V-PRO (
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  1. All that list means is that ASUS has verified the information itself. It doesn't necessarily mean that RAM not listed won't work.

    As long as the specs match what the motherboard can handle then there should be no problem.
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    here is direct link for your mobo... its states DDR31600 supported... instead you can add 4 sticks instead of 2..
  3. It depends... when the chipset is new like when haswell and z87 first came out very important after a year or so they usually worked out the bugs.. Same with new RAM.. when ddr4 comes out it will be a nightmare for a while.. It doesn't hurt to check but if you buy a z77 board which is a couple years old now and it doesn't show your exact ram it probably because the don't update the list anymore.. Go to the memory vendor they usually are more likely to update their lists.
  4. Thank you everyone for your responses.
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