Need help on this Windows8 SSD First Install.

Hi All...
Warm Greetings !!

I am very confused with this first time Install.
After assembling all my desktop parts.I attached a USB external CD/BLUERAY Drive with Windows8 OS DISK.

I initially choosed 1st boot option as USB/DVD-XXXXX-SAMSUNG BB506-XXXX.
It booted and started installing OS.
Then at the OS setup screen I saw this error >>

Pl see link >>


Drive 0 Partition 1 : Recovery---300.0 MB-----------24.0 MB-----------Recovery

Drive 0 Partition 2 : ---------------100.0 MB-----------56.0 MB-----------System

Drive 0 Partition 3 : --------------128.0 MB-----------128.0 MB----------MSR (Reserved)

Drive 0 Partition 4 : --------------465.2 GB----------465.1 GB-----------Primary

Error Msg is "windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."

What I did is I removed the Harddisk and formatted it in another laptop.And replaced it and this time I choosed
UEFI + CD-BLUERAY-XXXXX-SAMSUNG BB506-XXXX as 1st bootable media from the options I had.

Now I could see only 2 partitions
Pl see this image

I choosed the second partition and installed WIN8.Everything is fine.

Name----------------------------------------TotalSize---------- FreeSpace--------Type

Drive 0 Partition 1 System Reserved :350.0 MB----------320.0 MB----------System

Drive 0 Partition 2 :---------------------- 465.4 GB----------465.3 GB----------Primary

But my main concern or question is does the HARD DISK needs to show 4 partitions as shown in first setup image?
What happened to the recovery and MSR (Reserved) PArtitions ??

Any help is greatly appreciated :( ((

Am I doing something wrong :( ((

Please suggest ?
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    Your not doing anything wrong. Its just how windows does things. If i were you let windows format it while installing, then install it. In either case youll be fine
  2. It's probably a recovery portion that you are putting it on nothing to worry it just keeps all your important files if you reformat it completely and you will never lose files in the smaller portion just leave it and it should be fine but if it doesn't install plug it into another sata port when I built my first computer the sata cable didn't work correctly and I almost crapped my pants because it was my first PC build
  3. If your motherboard supports UEFI run installation in UEFI mode and it would install perfectly.
  4. During setup, remove all partitions and allow Windows setup to format your partitions for you.
    I have seen that error before, and for some reason usually occurs when trying to install from a USB3 device.

    Also, when setup starts, press shift+F10 to open a command prompt run DISKPART and CLEAN your Hard Drive.
    See here....
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