Need help getting dual monitors to display optimal resolution using a Lenovo Displaylink docking station for Lenovo Helix?

This displaylink dock is the only docking solution offered by Lenovo for the Helix, it plugs into a USB 3 connector on the laptop with a special USB/Displylink cable. I have two high-res 22" monitors connected directly to the dock via DVI. However I can only get them to go to 1680x1050, instead of the optimal res of 1920x1080. I tried disconnecting the laptop screen (in the screen resolution dialog) to see if that would push them up, they still remained 1680.

When I connect one of them directly to the laptop, it gets to 1920x1080, with the laptop screen also at 1920x1080.

Any ideas? I'm thinking the docking station is limiting the max resolution (sad). But wanted to see if anyone has other ideas to try. Or suggestions for other docking station solutions - the only video adaptor on the machine is a mini displayport.
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  1. there may be a conflict between your graphics card and Displaylink Device Driver,as far as i know,NVIDIA and Displaylink Drivers are incompatible..correct me if im wrong..
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