What can I do to improve my ping in online games and to watch HD streaming videos online?

So, I want to watch HD streams as well as play video games like League of Legends with a low ping. Currently I have 11.2 mbps (1.4 MBps), and I'm not connected with a wire to the router, but with a Intellinet 150N Wireless LAN USB adapter (so basically a wireless network).
The issue is, there can be up to 8 devices connected to the network (my PC, 3 laptops and 4 smartphones) and if someone is watching a movie online or downloading something, I'm unable to play LoL or watch streams in high definition.
1. Would getting a higher internet speed help? I can get 20 mbps (2.5MBps) for about $10 more a month.
2. Would getting a better wireless adapter help?
Wiring my computer directly to the router isn't an option (physically impossible). The signal is, however, not going directly through any walls and is about 5 meters from the router.
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  1. which device didn't work well with your adapter.
  2. You would first need to see if your router will tell you if you sere using all the internet bandwidth currently. Then if you are what makes you think the other people in your house would not just use all of a upgrade up too. Your best bet is to get a router that can set hard limiting on the incoming traffic. You would then if you had your 11m connection, limit all other traffic to say 6m which leaves your machine 5m. This method though does not work well if someone is running bit torrent since it is very hard to limit the speed on that.

    The way to see if you have a wireless issue is open a cmd window and run a continuous ping command to the routers ip. If you see variations in the number at the same time you see issues in your game then it is your wireless. There is very little you can do to fix wireless. If it is people sharing the wireless in your house you could for example only allow your machine to use the 5g radio and let them share the 2.4g radio. Now if it does this even with nobody else using the wireless then it is interference from neighbors or other equipment. That pretty much can't be fixed and is why games and video streaming is never recommended on a wireless connection.
  3. I used cmd to ping my router and the response time is 1ms so I guess being connected wirelessly isn't the issue. Getting a router that can limit traffic is expensive, so will getting higher internet speed help at all?
  4. yes but it can be unstable.and maybe device causing problems not the router,if u wanna connect game to closest and low ping server. if the game use like host principles then doesn't matter what kind of speed u have in your place.
  5. So basically the only option I have is buying a better router?
    What about splitting the connection in 2 separate connections and putting a limit on one of them so the other one is uncluttered?
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