Good Motherboard and CPU Combo In 15000 Rs (250$-260$)

Please suggest a good motherboard and cpu combo for my build .
I already have a gtx 650ti boost 2gb and a corsair vengeance 8gb ram and a cooler master vs550 psu from my old build .
in 15000INR , around 250$ .
My preferred choice in cpu are Intel , but do suggest some AMD cpu .
No brand choice for MB just suggest a good one .
Thank you in advance
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    Asus M5A97 R2.0 and FX-8320

    You can overclock the 8320 to 8350 speeds.
  2. can u suggest motherboard with pci 3.0 support , and can fx-8320 get full out of my gpu gtx 650ti boost ?
  3. Ganesh that combo would cost you 20000 RS in india .
    And yes that combo will easily be able to get the full out of your gpu
    There is no difference between pci2.0 and pci3.0 CURRENTLY as the graphic card doesn't fully utilize the resources in 2.0 so there is no point in getting 3.0 and the graphic card is backward compatible.
  4. thank you for ur support .
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