Internet wont connect - No IP address gets assigned to any of my products (Phone computer) - Deleted network adapters off my p

Basically theres 2 problems:
All of a sudden my pc and devices refuse to connect to the internet. I've tried everything;resetting router, making sure cables arent loose etc. But that shouldnt really matter since I cant connect to the internet on my devices either. I have diagnosed the problem though: I cannot get an IP assigned to any of my devices. IPconfig says the automatic configured IP is 169.254.xx.xx. I've tried changing the settings manually ( but no dice. Second problem: trying to fix the problem I uninstalled the network adapters and cant install them back. I've tried searching for drivers but they're just lost forever. If theres any way for me to manually install the drivers to my PC I'd like to hear as I have a phone in reach that I can use to download and move the files to my PC. (Mobile data)
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    Uhmm Okay first off you would have to go to whom ever made the computer (Dell, Gateway, etc.) and look under support then that make model computer and look for the Network drivers for it. Second, as for the IP you used the wrong one, your router would be 192.168.x.1 (the x can be 0,1, or 2 usually), but your computer would be any number other then 192.168.x.1, so for example your computer should have been 192.168.x.99 . The Subnet is normally but the gateway is the router so 192.168.x.1.

    As no devices connect even with a wired connection (I assume your phone also tried to connect wirelessly and can't either) then the router died. If it is a ISP provided one, you should have IMMEDIATELY called them (far as I know you forgot to pay your bill this month! LOL), otherwise you would have to go buy a new one out of pocket.
  2. Yep, the router is broke. But I tried to connect to the internet directly with my modem. No luck. Still the same error. With the drivers I mean the official windows drivers. Cant find them on the ms/windows website though. The internet does work if I connect it from the modem to the PS3.
  3. Okay slow down.

    1) there is no 'official MS drivers' for Network cards, Microsoft doesn't make drivers for Network Cards. It 'certifies' a manufacturer (Aethos, Cisco, etc.) driver as 'valid' once it is submitted by the manufacturer and meets the 'guidelines' of Microsoft. Being 'certified' doesn't matter it is still the manufacturer that makes the driver for that network card. As you have a prebuilt PC, you have to go to the PC maker to find the driver as I outlined, that is THE ONLY solution.
    2) If you don't have the Windows Drivers in the PC it will NEVER connect to any connection, be it Modem, Router, etc. So trying to connect and reconnect will NEVER work.
    3) as I said on the router those are the solutions to 'sharing' the model connection to more then the PS3.
  4. Well, it fixed the problem by itself. Thanks Windows I guess.
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