No Display after Installing GTX 650 Ti

I just recently got a GTX 650 Ti and I'm having trouble getting it to work properly. I bought a cookie cutter PC in hopes of upgrading it. So far I have a new power supply and this graphics card.

Problem is, with everything hooked up, there is no display. I'm pretty sure that it gets past the BIOS though (Normal beeps and sounds).

Gateway DX4870-UB2B
GeForce GTX 650 Ti
530W Power Supply
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  1. You might have to disable the onboard video in the bios to get the video card to carry the signal instead.
  2. if you had an AMD card in the cookie cutter pc, you would have to uninstall the video drivers before adding any NVidia card to it. if the computer didn't have any previous dedicated graphics card, then you will have to hook the monitor up to the onboard video port (probably vga or dvi) and set your bios to dedicated pci card for display.
  3. I had a XFX R5 230, but it wasn't much better than my mobo graphics. I already uninstalled AMD Catalyst or whatever it was called. Is there more to uninstalling the drivers than that? Also, I don't see an option in the BIOS for enabling or disabling onboard graphics. I can't have the graphics card in and have the display hooked up to the motherboard as well.
  4. Yes is hardware manager uninstall the old video card and drivers for it. So that your machine will detect the new one if that is the case. The last part of your post .... did you mean you are trying to use the mobo video out instead of the video card out ?
  5. In my device manager, I only have the Intel HD graphics listed.

    And what I mean is, if I have the video card in and powered, I am unable to use the video card or the mobo video. No matter where I plug it in, it shows nothing. Right now I have the video card in, but not plugged into the power supply. This way I'm still able to see what I'm doing.
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    Then there is a setting in your bios to disable on board. It's gotta be there if you have done all the other steps then you should be able to detect that card. Look through your bios again. Slowly. Even in menus you think it wouldn't be in.
  7. Ok, after googling around some more I came across this:

    I had to disable secure boot and enable legacy devices. Finally got it to show up in the device manager and and installing graphics now.

    Thanks for the help!
  8. Ah so it was a motherboard setting just not exactly the one we were looking for. Thanks for answering back. Good to know.
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