Looking to upgrade graphics card, should I spend or wait for new technology?

Title says it all. Looking to upgrade graphics card to handle video editing, 3D Rendering and gaming (BF4). Should I buy a card now? Or is there some new tech coming out this year I should wait and save for?

Also what card suggestions? I like to video edit, 3d render and game. And of course I love to do these on maxed out settings. Thanks.
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  1. the 780 is a pretty good deal right now if you want max settings and it's about as cheap as it will be until the new cards are released in late august/mid september
    the 770 or 280x is about as low as you would wanna go for getting max settings at decent fps.

    really the cards have all recently come down in price, so you might as well buy now, as you would have to wait 6-7 more months for new cards that won't really be all that much faster (nvidia has stated concern on reducing power consumption over mass performance gains and amd hasnt really said much as they pretty much just came out with new cards)
  2. Really comes down to your own preference. If you want Maxwell it's worth the wait but you can also make use of the price drop in soon-to-be old products. I dont expect a very big performance boost compared to Kepler.
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    Yeah, like i stated above, nvidia is more about reducing power draw for maxwell for laptop and mobile implications rather than massive performance gains like kepler was all about. of course there will be some increase in performance, just not the huge jump like there was from the 580 to the 680 or 780-780ti
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