Changing the processor in a Toshiba Satellite L875-S7110

I have a Toshiba Satellite L875-S7110 which has an Intel i3-3110m 2.4 Ghz processor. I'd like to switch it with an AMD Vision A6. I use it primarily for everything, but want to gear it more towards gaming. I've upgraded the RAM to 12Gb.

So, my questions are, 1) is it even possible to upgrade the ram? and 2) is the AMD A6 a better processor than the Intel i3 for my needs?
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  1. You can't switch CPU between Intel and AMD. That requires a whole new motherboard.
    For the RAM, what is the max RAM that motherboard can support? Toshiba says 16GB. That extra 4 won't matter much.
  2. In that case, is it possible to change to another intel processor? or would changing the processor require a new motherboard no matter what the precessor brand?
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    Maybe. But the actual performance difference might be minimal.
    You'll have to look up the exact specs and see what it can support.
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