Can I plug h80i water cooler into cpu opt and sys_fan1/sys_fan2?

There is a 2 to 1 adaptor that plugs the fans into the cooler unit, but the fan cords are female and the adaptor cord is female. I'm confused.
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    you plug the adapter into the pump unit itself, which then plugs into the 2 fans. the adapter should have male ends on both sides (2 male fan pins, then one mini usb type plug that plugs into the pump
  2. I plugged the mini usb into the motherboard. I see where the other adaptor plugs into the pump...but the part coming out of it that splits into two pieces has female components. The fans are also female. What am I missing?
  3. the pieces should be male....even via online pictures (and the fact that i have the same cooler) they should be male. so to clarify, yes you have the thing that plugs into the usb header plugged in to motherboard, and then also into pump. this is correct and good

    the only other seperate cord that came with is (not attatched at either end to anything) should have been the fan header splitter which one end plugs into the pump housing right near the usb thing, while the other end of it is 2 male 3 or 4 pin fan connectors (can't remember cause i'm not at home).
  4. You are a genius...I'm special. There little covers on the adaptor to prevent the pins from bending. I'm a little loopy from being sick. Thank you!
    at 1:45 you see the usb cable one being plugged in, but the other connector that came with the unit plugs into that other socket and should split into 2 male fan headers
  6. Lol you are welcome XD i don't remember mine coming with covers
  7. It looks like it only came with one sata adapter, it has 4 or 5 sata spots for attachments. Do I plug my cooler, dvd drive, hdd and sdd into this one cord?
  8. You need to make sure the sata power part of the pump is also plugged in! this is very important, but yes, you plug cooler into the same power chain as the rest on the sata power chain
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