Android tablet Wi-Fi connection problems

Hi, my android tablet cannot get wifi in a school. It used to let me, but then one day it just quit working. It will let me connect other places, just not here. It dosent have any problems connecting, it tells me I AM connected. But the signal bars show up grey instead of blue, like they are supposed to and do other places. How do I fix this?
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  2. check the key.
    also don't post a topic twice.
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    I could be that you are entering the passphrase incorrectly. It could also be that your device is not on the authorized devices list for the network. Have you discussed the problem with the school's IT folks (help desk)?
  4. Do you see the SSID of the student access wifi? Check with your school tech service admin to see if they have changed policy to restrict student connections. It happens and they may not have announced it.
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