why would anybody put intel 4600 and amd radeon 8570M in the same laptop?

why would anybody put intel 4600 and amd radeon 8570M in the same laptop?
where can amd radeon 8570M perform better than intel 4600?
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  1. The intel 4600 uses alot less battery than the 8570M.
    For just web browsing the computer would use the 4600 while keeping the 8570M idle conserving battery life.
    When you launch a game it will switch to the 8570M.
  2. because the 4600 is integrated to the cpu. and 8570M is much better than that.
  3. Because Intel puts Intel HD onto every CPU. The 8570m will perform better in everything that you can throw at it, although it will consume more battery so some manufacturers have an option to turn off the discrete.
  4. Thanks guys.
    I'm not much of an expert, but in some reviews I've read for the two GPUs, the integrated intel 4600 and the discrete amd radeon 8570 1 GB, their ratings were very close.

  5. Their ratings are really very close. So in this specific case adding 8570m is almost meaningless. But you have to understand that notebook chassis are done for a series of processors not for a specific processor.
    Chassis is then mass produced and different memory, cpu and hdd are added to achieve different notebook configurations.
    So 8570 has no sense when used with mobile i5, but makes a lot of sense when used when used with mobile celeron or pentium CPU (they have much weaker integrated video).
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