Kingston XMP Blu Red Series vs. Crucial Ballistix Tactical

Hello, I'm building my first gaming computer, but I've come to a cross-road.

Firstly, there's the Kingston XMP Blu Red Series which has 2 sticks of 4GB RAM compared to the Crucial Ballistix Tactical which only has 1 8GB RAM stick.

Now, I understand that 2 sticks > 1 stick, but the Crucial Ballistix Tactical has a CAS Latency of 8 compared to a CAS Latency of 9 for the Kingston RAM. In addition, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical only has a voltage of 1.35V compared to 1.65V for the Kingston XMP Blu Red Series. I'm unsure of which RAM is better, because both has their own advantages. I did some research regarding the voltage of RAM sticks, and it seems that with a AMD CPU (which I plan on buying, AMD FX-6300 to be exact), the voltage makes a smaller difference.

I appreciate any help and thanks for your time!
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    Go for kingston. 2 sticks of 4gb is always better because there is going to be less load on both of the memory sticks, making performance faster. Voltage and latency will be a very minor difference compared to two sticks of ram vs one.
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