How to reinstall windows 7 after upgrading my motherboard?

So I recently purchased a new Msi motherboard with a new CPU and want to replace it with the cheaper gigabyte motherboard I have in my custom built computer. I know I would have to reinstall windows because it would freak out if I didn't, but how? I don't know how exactly I would approach this, if I made a windows image, windows still wouldn't like my computer because the drivers would be different, and if I wipe my hard drive completely and just install windows it might not let me. I came here first before I tried anything because I realized if I did something wrong I might have to buy a new windows disk which are expensive. Also, I'm upgrading from an Amd based motherboard to an intel motherboard.
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  1. run this command from the command prompt (as administrator): Sysprep /oobe /shutdown /generalize

    It puts your computer back in the generalized drivers and you just install the new drivers.
  2. Is this an OEM version of Windows or Retail?
  3. ahnilated said:
    Is this an OEM version of Windows or Retail?

    Its the retail version, i bought it from newegg.
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    If this is a retail version the you can just reinstall. You may have to go out to Microsoft's site to license it but it should work. Retail versions can be installed many times as long as it is only on one system and one time.
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