Pc wont boot past bios, gets stuck at bios screen i have to go into boot menu and manuall select drive to boot windows

I have just cloned my original HDD and installed a new SSD everything worked find, so i closed my pc started back up and adjusted the bios and it worked, however now when i try to start up my pc it just gives me the bios logo and options to press del, F12 and so on and in order to boot my pc i have to go into the boot menu in the bios and select the drive and then it boots just fine but for some reason it simply wont boot from the drive any suggestions


so i unplugged my original drive which i had already formatted and it booted straight away so now im confused


seem to have solved this but staring my pc without my old harddrive booted just fine turned off plugged back in my olf hard driver and no it booted just fine if anu1 has any suggestions as to what caused this and what to do if it happens again let me no
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  1. just sounds like your boot order got messed up. best way to prevent that is allways have boot drive hooked up to lowest sata port number (usully port 0 but sometimes 1). the bios will always look at port 0 first for boot device unless you change bios settings but to me its allways best to leave bios settings default and hook boot device to that port. im guessing when you changed bios settings the first time something didn't save right.
  2. did you set the bios to ahci to boot from ssd and i also suggest you to do a full reinstall on the ssd since you clone the hdd there could be driver issue on with the ssd .
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