GTX 760 vs. 770

I plan on getting a gtx 760 or 770 graphics card but is it worth it to pay the extra to get a 770
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    If you have the extra money then go with the 770. It's worth it
  2. Does this help ?

    OK that was a trick question

    Comparing component costs is a fools errant as your whole system goes faster not just ya GFX card. The 770 ($339) is 18% faster than the 760 ($269) or 26% more costly.... but of the rest of ya components were $1200.... then it's $1539 versus $1469 which is only 4,8% more expensive .... 18% more frames for < 5% more money.... to me that outs it the "no brainer" category , provided it's affordable of course.
  3. A good 770 is running around $330, a good 760 is running around $260 (on Newegg). If you plan on playing the latest AAA titles at 1080p or higher on Ultra settings, the 770 is going to be worth the extra money. If graphics are stretching your budget a bit, and you plan on playing current AAA titles on at 1080p on Ultra, but possibly playing future AAA titles on slightly lowered settings, than get the 760.

    The 760 is supposed to perform a little below my 670, which has been great. I play at 1080p and I play everything on the highest graphics settings. However, the 770 performs about 10% better than the 670, or 15% better than the 760. My personal advice, if you have the money, get the 770 (either ASUS or EVGA)
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