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Ok so I have my games installed on a 500 gb hdd and while going through my box of parts today I came across a 2 gb ssd... I would like to set it up as a cache is that possible without formating my game drive? what software should I use? Excuse any typos its a new keyboard...
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  1. Need more info on this "2GB SSD"

    At first glance, I would say - not gonna happen.
  2. It appears to be an early model SSD, probably for industrial/commercial use. Not necessarily designed as a cache drive.

    I doubt you could make it work like that.
  3. Yeah I am drawing the same conclusion... Any idea how to do it with a 64 gb SATA II Crucial SSD?
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    A 64GB SATA II into a cache drive? I wouldn't.

    A 64 is right on the edge of usable for a main boot drive. Just use it like that.
    Be mindful of the free space, though.
  5. well i have a 128 as my bootable... just hoping to make use of this one lol
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